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I do not usually write movie reviews, and this will not be a review in the normal sense.  I am an illusionist and magician who when performing for an audience, provides “magical” moments of awe and wonder.  In many ways, movies are similar.  They provoke our imagination and take us into another world.  We know that what is happening on screen is just a story, but the movie, if done well, takes us on a journey and provides enjoyment, entertainment, and many times awe and wonder.

Lately, many of the Super Hero movies have been rather ambiguous.  The Heroes many times are deeply flawed and sometimes their methods are questionable. Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies were brilliant, but very dark.  The same applies to a lesser scale on recent Avenger Movies.

WW84 takes on a different tone with a different type of hero.  Diana is a beacon of hope and love.  While the movie itself has some rather sad themes and touches on desires and the cost of those desires, the overall tone is one of goodness and light. I have mixed feelings about the movie.  I loved the original Wonder Woman movie.  This one I cannot say I love.  I appreciate it, but I don’t love it.  I do not want to give away the plot or major story lines in case you haven’t seen the movie which is currently streaming on HBOMax. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you watch it, and I would love to hear your reaction to the movie.

It was just announced that a 3rd Wonder Woman Movie will be made and I am looking forward to see what lies ahead for Diana as well as what changes might be made to her scenes in the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut which will also stream on HBOMax.  I do not think WW84 was a great movie; it had its flaws.  But I do think it was a movie that we perhaps needed at a time like this.  In the midst of sorrow and a pandemic, it is nice to see a Hero filled with love and hope.

About the Author:  Michael Reist, The Amazing Magi is a professional magician living in Annville, PA who creates magical memories and moments all over the NE United States.  To contact him call (610) 698-0311 or e-mail [email protected]