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I recently went with my wife and saw the Sight and Sound production of Moses. For those of you not familiar with Sight and Sound, it is a theatre located in Lancaster, PA (they also have a sister theatre in Branson, MO). Sight and Sound’s state mission is that they “are passionate about bringing the Bible to life because we believe these events that took place thousands of years ago are still relevant to our lives today.”

If you have never been to Sight and Sound, let me assure you that you are in for a great production. The production values rival those of any major city (with the possible exception of Broadway, and I think they can give many of those theatres a run for their money).

And Moses was not a disappointment. The sets were breathtaking. The Mt. Sinai set-piece we are told weighs over 13 tons. As is typical with Sight and Sound productions, the play features very good singing from the leads, big ensemble pieces, and of course, live animals throughout.

Unlike most theatres, the playbook you are given does not list any of the stars of the show. Instead it lists the acts, basic facts about the production, biblical stories, and of course the story that has become Sight and Sound, from its humble beginnings showing slideshows to now owning two major theatres, a streaming service and producing movies.

Also, be aware, if you have never been to Sight and Sound before, there is an effort made at evangelization. It is not coercive or heavy-handed. Instead, at the end of the production, there is simply an invitation for anybody who would like to know more about God or to talk to someone, to meet with the staff. However, this is something you will not come across at a typical show production.

If I have any quibble with Moses, or any of Sight and Sound productions, it is the liberties they take with the Bible. For myself, I am a Pastor as well as magician, so I can clearly see when they are taking dramatic license with the Scriptural story. However, I am not so sure about those who may not have that type of Biblical knowledge. I believe it is dangerous, and perhaps a little dishonest, to insert Jesus into an Old Testament story as if the line that is uttered, is actually in the Scriptural Story.

However, Moses is well done, the singing was superb, the sets were fantastic, and it was an enjoyable evening out for myself and my wife. If you love theatre and love Biblical stories, if you have never been to Sight and Sound, I highly encourage you to go.

About the Author:  Michael Reist is a professional magician who performs all over the NE United States and lives in Annville, PA with his wife Kathy and their many pets. To contact him e-mail [email protected] or call/text (610) 698-0311.