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I don’t know about you but I love to learn new techy stuff, especially if it is not too difficult or with a large learning curve. There’s all kinds of techy stuff out there, some is more fun than others. Let’ look at some fun techy stuff.

#1 You Can Keep High-Def YouTube Videos – There are several apps, plug-ins and sites where you can download videos from YouTube in a Flash Video format. However, they are often not anywhere near the quality of the original. Now, more and more you can actually download high quality and high definition versions of these videos right from YouTube by just changing the URL slightly.  This is how it works. Once you find a video that you would like to download change the URL from www.youtube.com to www.youtubekeep.com then hit enter. You will be taken to the YouTubeKeep page that offers download options for your video. Select what it is you want and click the download button. Save the file. Do not redistribute what you download and don’t download illegal content.

#2 You Can Stream Live TV – Whether you are on vacation or just on the move, it’s frustrating if you have to miss your favorite shows. But many of the broadcasters streams live content and so there are several sights that have showed up that allow you to watch TV from anywhere in the world providing you with thousands of channels.  One website WWITV claims to have more than 3,000 channels. Select a country then choose from the list.

#3 You Can Get Free Classic Movies – Many of the golden age movies from the cinema are no longer protected by copyright. That means it is legal to download and watch these movies in your home. To make sure you are doing everything legally, it’s a good idea to download them from a legitimate site. So if Charlie Chaplin always made you laugh, now you can download him.

#4 You Can Unblock Foreign Television Sites – When you are using the internet without its borders and you come across a site that has blocked foreign viewers it’s annoying to say the least. Now you can bypass this, at least for foreign TV programming, using a public proxy. A public proxy is simply a computer that’s situated in the country of the broadcaster and the broadcaster allows this computer access. The proxy then passes the content on to you.

There you have it – some fun techy stuff – how much did you know?

About the author:  Michael L. Reist, The Amazing Magi, is a professional magician/entertainer who lives in Annville, PA and entertains audiences of all ages across the NE United States.  To contact Michael simply e-mail him at [email protected] or call him at (610 698-0311.