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I’d like to talk today about a book about “Magic”.  Now, this is a little bit different type of book. While Magicians will love it and find it very worthwhile, it is not a book that teaches tricks or talks about magic in a way typically found in magic books. This is a book written to non-magicians (and magicians) about the process that magicians go through in creating what is considered an art form.

Professional Magician and best-selling author Joshua Jay takes you behind scenes as you enter the creative process of creating a magic show. Again, this is not a “how-to” book. It is not an expose of methods or secrets. I was fortunate to be able to attend an event Joshua was at where he introduced the book and explained his motivation behind it. In a sense, this is his “love-letter” to non-magicians and magician about the art-form he, and magicians like myself love so much and the process behind creating this art form.

It is written as a series of short essays which tackle different topics concerning the thought process. Some examples include how technology influences the world of magic, the creating and making of illusions, how magicians perfect their craft and much, much more.  He even addresses questions such as can a magic trick be too good? Joshua is a concise and gifted writer and this book is well worth your time. Check it out of your local or purchase it from your nearest bookstore or on-line.  You will not be disappointed.

Michael Reist, The Amazing Magi, is a professional magician specializing in Family Entertained who lives in Annville, PA with his wife, Kathy and their various pets. You can contact him at [email protected] or at (610) 698-0311