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As human beings and taxpayers we depend upon certain services when we live in a town or city. Some of these are various obvious. We need police protection, water and sewer service of some type, sanitation services, medical services, schools, and food stores. But there are other things that are vital to a community and today I would like to talk about one service that is truly a treasure to a community, and that is a library.

Some people believe that in this day of the internet and instant access libraries are no longer needed. But that is far from the truth. In fact, libraries are probably more necessary than ever. For instance, not only do libraries still provide their original mission in the lending of books, but they also lend movies, music, games, and video games. In addition, with the popularity of e-readers most libraries now carry books not only on hardback and softback editions, but also in Kindle, Nook, and other electronic forms.

But that is just touching the tip of iceberg in what libraries such as the Annville Free Library provides to the community. Ms. Dee Neff, the Director of the Annville Library points out that libraries are a community hub or resources, services, and information. The Annville library provides services such as copying, faxing, use of computers, Wi-Fi hotspots for those without internet, and much more. Many times, people will use the library to fill out job applications and if they have any difficulty, they always have a helpful librarian who is happy to provide assistance.

The Annville Library provides a great deal of programming that is available to the community. We are not just talking about children programming, of which there is quite a bit including Story-Time, Summer Reading and more, but also many programs for older children and adults. Community groups at times use the library as well. You can check out all the library has to offer by stopping by in person or visiting their website at: https://annville.lclibs.org/

One of the challenges libraries such as the Annville Library faces is funding. The librarians work extremely hard to stretch the money they receive from various sources, but they need your help as well. Please donate if you can and when they have their fundraisers come on out and support your library.

One of the most exciting pieces of news about the Annville Library is their current plan to expand the library. Right now, if you have been in the library, you know that space is limited. The library hopes to have a Capital Campaign which along with other donations and grants will allow it to add on and in turn be able to provide many more resources to the Annville Community.

I know we wish all of them the best in their endeavors. Support your local library,

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