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Teach A Trick: Below you will find video tutorials for beginners in magic. Some of these tutorials teach basic sleight-of-hand, others teach basic magic principles, and some teach basic tricks. The top video is the current Trick of the Month and below it are all the past videos. Enjoy!

This Month’s Teach-A-Trick is instruction on the sleight known as the French Drop. Enjoy!

Card Tumble/Turnover Force

CHASED Memorized Deck

Coin Thumbclip Palm/Pass

The Crayon Prediction

Double Lift Basics

Find A Card 1

The Finger Palm

The Glide Force

The Hindu Force

Penny to Quarter

Pick A Coin

Principle of Equivoque

Find A Card 2

Three Coin Prediction

The Riffle Peek Force

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Overhand and Riffle Shuffles

Swivel False Cut

Double Undercut

Predict A Card 2

Crisscut Force

Mental Imagery

Easy 4 Ace Production

Finger Palm

Svengali Deck Force