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Balloon Academy Tutorials: Below you will find video tutorials for beginners in balloon twisting. The top video is the current Balloon of the Month and below it are all the past videos. Enjoy!

This Month’s Balloon Tutorial is a simple two-balloon candy cane. Enjoy!

Simple Pirate Sword

Simple Knight Sword

One Balloon Dog

Simple Balloon Hat 1

Simple Balloon Hat 2

Simple Balloon Hat 3

Balloon Hat Extra plus Fish

Simple Butterfly 1

2 Balloon Hat Review

Balloon Mouse Shooter

Simple 2-Balloon Candy Cane

One Balloon Ray Gun

Simple One Balloon Rabbit

Fancier Balloon Sword

Parrot on a Swing

Simple One Balloon Frog

Balloon Flower

Flower Hat 1

Flower Hat 2

Crazy Party Balloon Hat

Flower Hat Variation?

Simple One Balloon Giraffe

Simple 2-Balloon Battle Axe

Simple Spider/Octopus