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Elementary and Middle School Assembly Programs

As a former Public High School History and Social Studies Teacher The Amazing Magi is able to present a program based on your needs that can be linked to a theme your school is emphasizing. The Magi will present a program that is not only entertaining, but if desired, is also guaranteed to be educational. He currently has a variety of programs already available to schools. In addition to the show, for a small additional charge, The Amazing Magi can include worksheets to be passed out to all students to reinforce what was presented in the show.  Examples of Assembly programs include:

B.A.N.D. Together: No Bullies Allowed  - Using storytelling, illusions, puppets, audience participation, and magic to learn about how to deal with bullies and what is acceptable behavior. B.A.N.D. stands for:

  • Be a buddy, not a Bully 
  • Attitude, Avoid, Ask for help! 
  • Nobody deserves to be bullied 
  • Don't join in, help instead 

Keys to Character  -  "Keys to Character" is an Educational Assembly Program where the students travel back to Ancient Egypt in search of buried treasure! Along the way the students use magic, laughter and comedy to learn about important character traits that are important for learning to live together. Each "KEY" (character trait) leads them one step closer to the treasure. This show is licensed in Eastern PA exclusively to The Amazing Magi

Mission Nutrition  - This show takes the children on an amazing trip that teaches them the importance of nutrition and what is "good" food and what is "bad" food. This is all done in a highly entertaining manner.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness  - There are 2 programs of drug awareness - one for elementary age children and one for middle school/high school.



The Think Safety Show   - This is specifically for Early Elementary Ages and of course emphasizes general safety for our younger audiences.



The American Story  - Our nation's story told in an entertaining, fun, magical and educational manner and geared for the specific age level.


Our World, Our Environment  - A fun and educational program using magic, audience interaction, and science to talk about our environment and how we are all connected to planet earth. This show can be designed in two different ways;  Option A  is primarily a Science and Environment Program;  Option B  is environmental as well but designed to be primarily a "Recycling" show.

Assembly Programs that Emphasize the importance of Reading

  • Reading is "FUN-damental"  - A program suitable for both elementary schools as well as libraries that emphasizes reading in a fun and entertaining fashion. 
  • One World, Many Stories -  This is a program that utilizes story-telling, illusions, puppets, sleight-of-hand and comedy that combines both love of "Reading" with stories and cultures of other nations. 
  • Dream Big  - This program emphasizes what we can accomplish if we dare to "Dream Big" and realize the importance of Reading. 
  • Dig Into Reading - This show takes the children on an archeological dig into various countries of the Ancient World looking for treasure while finding Reading is the Greatest Treasure of All.
  • Fizz, Boom, Baam and Alakazam: Reading, Reading, Yes You Can - This is a show that emphasizes reading thru science, magic and much, much more.
  • The Power of Reading: Discover the Hero in You - In this show the children learn all about Heroes, including many they may not have thought of heroes, while discovering Reading can help them become the hero they are meant to be.
  • Go for the Gold: Reading, Food, Fitness and Fun! - In this show the children discover how the power of Reading can make them winners in the truest sense of the word, while also learning about fitness, food and FUN!!!

 *The Amazing Magi also offers a 100% money-back-guarantee if not fully satisfied.

In addition to the programs outlined above, The Amazing Magi is able to custom design a show to meet your needs and is willing to meet with your teachers, your support staff, or others to do so .

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Please see the video below to hear how one school administrator feels about The Amazing Magi's programs!