Pre-School and Day Care Programs

Below are listed programs that while offered many times as "Birthday Parties" are also offered for Preschools and Daycares. The Amazing Magi just changes the theme from a Birthday Party to a fun-event for your center. 

  • The Rabbit Show  - This is a highly entertaining show with many of the tricks revolving around rabbits and the show ending with an appearance of a loveable bunny rabbit.

  • The Fairy Tale Show  - This is a highly entertaining show for younger children with many of the tricks based on well known fairy tales.

  • The Princess Show  - This highly entertaining show is designed primarily for a young girl's birthday party with many of the routines revolving around a princess theme.

  • The Pirate Show  - This show, primarily designed for the boys, is highly entertaining and many of the tricks include a pirate theme.

  • The Circus Show  - This entertaining show incorporates many tricks that revolve around a trip to the "circus".

  • The Wizard/Harry Potter Show  - This birthday party includes many tricks with a "wizard" or "Harry Potter" theme.

The Amazing Magi also adapts several of his School Assembly Programs for Preschools and Daycares. Below are those programs: 

B.A.N.D. Together: No Bullies Allowed  - Using storytelling, illusions, puppets, audience participation, and magic to learn about how to deal with bullies and what is acceptable behavior. B.A.N.D. stands for: 

  • Be a buddy, not a Bully

  • Attitude, Avoid, Ask for help!

  • Nobody deserves to be bullied

  • Don't join in, help instead

Keys to Character  -  "Keys to Character" is an Educational Assembly Program where the students travel back to Ancient Egypt in search of buried treasure! Along the way the students use magic, laughter and comedy to learn about important character traits that are important for learning to live together. Each "KEY" (character trait) leads them one step closer to the treasure. This show is licensed in Eastern PA exclusively to The Amazing Magi.

Mission Nutrition  - This show takes the children on an amazing trip that teaches them the importance of nutrition and what is "good" food and what is "bad" food. This is all done in a highly entertaining manner. 

The American Story  - Our nation's story told in an entertaining, fun, magical and educational manner and geared for the specific age level. 

Our World, Our Environment  - A fun and educational program using magic, audience interaction, and science to talk about our environment and how we are all connected to planet earth. This show can be designed in two different ways:

  • Option A  is primarily a Science and Environment Program

  • Option B  is environmental as well but designed to be primarily a "Recycling" show. 

Holiday Themes - The Amazing Magi will of course also offer shows themed to Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, etc. depending upon your needs. 

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