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Library Programs

The Amazing Magi offers a number of Reading Programs for Libraries (including a summer show that incorporates the Year's theme) as well as other shows including "Holiday Themed" Programs, a Recycling/Environmental Show, an American History show and others. Below are several reading programs available including this Summer's theme:

2017 Summer Program - The Magic of Reading: Building a Better World for Today and Tomorrow.  Through the use of illusions, comedy, sleight-of-hand, story-telling, a puppet balloons and more The Amazing Magi will lead the children on a magical adventure demonstrating how they can Build a Better World for Today and also Tomorrow.  The program will be highly interactive, as well as entertaining.  Each child will leave with a little something from The Amazing Magi that reminds them of The Magic of Reading. When booked, I would like to coordinate with the librarians to illustrate my points with actual library books the children can check out that day if they wish.

My program is highly interactive, high energy, educational and fun. I try to utilize as many of the children as possible throughout the show.  As the show progresses and we explore The Magic of Reading  the show will conclude with one last big finale that really demonstrates how the children can be Building a Better World for Today and Tomorrow.

Go For the Gold: The Magic of Reading, Food, Fitness and Fun!

In this show the children discover how the power of Reading can make them winners in the truest sense of the word, while also learning about fitness, food and FUN!!!
The Power of Reading: Discover the Hero in You!

This program, through magical illusions, story-telling, sleight-of-hand, music, a puppet or two, possibly a balloon or two, comedy and more will both educate and entertain children of all ages.  Many of the programs that are offered this summer will emphasize superheroes.  My program will not only entertain, but teach about4 types of heroes:

  • Daily Heroes 

  • Leader Heroes 

  • Unexpected Heroes 

  • Fictional Heroes 

This will be done through fun magic while also explaining that through the Power of Reading, they too can discover that each and every one of them is capable of being a Hero.  

Fizz, Boom, Bam, and Alakazaam: Books and Reading, Yes You Can.

This program emphasizes science, by using magical illusions, story-telling, sleight-of-hand, music, a puppet or two, possibly a balloon or two, comedy and more. It will both educate and entertain children of all ages. In particular, many of the effects I do will illustrate scientific principles while emphasizing reading in a very fun way such as turning a lump of coal into a diamond; making water disappear, etc. 

Dig Into Reading
We will take a magical treasure hunt and dig for treasure while traveling to some amazing places such as Ancient Egypt, Asia, the Spanish Main, Colonial America while discovering the greatest treausre of all, the treasure of reading.

Reading is "FUN-damental"
A program suitable for both elementary schools as well as libraries that emphasizes reading in a fun and very entertaining fashion. 

Dream Big
This program emphasizes what we can accomplish if we dare to "Dream Big" and realize the importance of Reading all in a fun and very entertaining manner.

Make A Splash - Read!!!
This is a fun and entertaining program that utilizes water themes to emphasize the importance of reading. The kids have a blast as they "Make a Splash".

One World, Many Stories
This is a program that utilizes story-telling, illusions, puppets, sleight-of-hand and comedy that combines both love of "Reading" with stories and cultures of other nations.

Please listen to what Ms. Lorraine Santaliz, Youth Services Librarian at the Whitehall Township Public LIbrary has to say about The Amazing Magi by clicking on the video below! Then call (610) 698-0311 or e-mail The Amazing Magi now to book your show!!